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A message from Milton Scott, Chairman and CEO,                The Tagos Group, LLC

Welcome! It's been another exciting year for The Tagos Group and our clients. We continue to enjoy significant growth in our core business areas while continuing to expand our services to the energy industry. Our two newest alliances bring products and services directly to the well site.

Our first alliance is with Golden Sol, LLC. Golden Sol represents one of the largest and most respected ceramic proppant manufacturers in the world, Yixing International. The Tagos/Golden Sol alliance offers quality proppants, including ceramic, white, and resin coated sand, direct to the well site through an end-to-end logistics solution. Our proppants ship from strategically-located facilities direct to our customers’ handling or drilling location. The Tagos alliance takes the uncertainty out of the proppant delivery and storage process while significantly reducing operating costs and environmental hazards.

Our second alliance, with ROK Water Technologies, allows Tagos to deliver water filtration solutions with decades of on-site wastewater management experience to separate and filter produced oil field water and frac fluids. One of the major challenges for the energy sector has always been what to do with the high volumes of produced water. The treatment process removes residual oil and heavy solids as well as all chemical, mineral, and bacterial contaminants. The ROK filtration system can take produced oil field water to drinking water quality and all points in between.

Our newest business unit, Tagos Concrete Solutions, provides high-quality concrete products and solutions to the energy and construction industries. We are working with a leader in developing advanced cement technologies using fly ash to improve the performance of concrete while reducing material costs. Tagos Concrete Solutions offers fly ash cement, ready-mix concrete products, flow-able fill, quick-set patch mixes, anti-corrosion solutions, and aluminum forms and ties. Tagos Concrete Solutions strives to understand each customer’s unique needs. I strongly believe this custom approach differentiates Tagos Concrete Solutions from other traditional commodity providers and allows us to develop cost effective solutions that maximize delivered value.

Our work in Supply Chain Optimization and Operational Excellence continues to perform well. We know companies struggle with internal and collaborative processes to drive sustained growth, reliability, safety, efficiency, and cost containment for their organizations. In light of this ongoing struggle within business today, Tagos’ focus is to assist in the implementation of cross-functional planning, control, and execution, along with the development of operational excellence as a core component of their organizations. Further, Tagos understands the value of utilizing information technology to support these key areas and emphasizes this with our Outsourced Technology practice focusing principally in the areas of material visibility and advanced tracking/track and trace, material item master data management, and eProcurement/eCatalogs, just to name a few.

Tagos’ supply chain professionals continue to work with energy leaders such as Chevron, Occidental, and BP, and now work across many of the energy majors through a contract with Marine Well Containment Company (MWCC). MWCC is a leader in deep water well containment and a technology provider in the deep water U.S. Gulf of Mexico. MWCC was founded in 2010 by a group of energy giants including ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, and Shell, who recognized the need to be better prepared in the event an operator loses control and the necessary subsequent containment of a well.

As an update from last year, what started out as an exciting specialty product that Tagos brought to the market, CorrLine International blossomed into a joint venture in 2013 and it is now Making Corrosion History! Visit our website to learn about how this coating-edge technology continues to revolutionize the entire coating application process.

Tagos’ business model is simple and it works: recruit and re-recruit talented, experienced professionals and allow them the freedom to perform in the areas where their passion and specialty lie. We do not simply sell products and services; our highly qualified and dedicated team brings value-added solutions to our customers in both the public and private sector.

I encourage you to explore our site and learn more about our products, technologies, and services. You will find comprehensive information about the services we offer to help improve your business, and I encourage you to call on our team to discuss those services in more detail.

Let us show you the wide range of possibilities that we can bring to your business in order to ensure that everything you do is the very best it can be.

Best Regards,
Milton L. Scott
Chairman and CEO

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Milton Scott, Founder and CEO

The Tagos Group was founded in 2007 as a supply chain integrator by a team of professionals with executive supply chain and corporate leadership experience in the energy sector. With our extensive background in creating and implementing strategies and solutions for Fortune 500 companies, we soon attracted the attention and gained the trust of leaders across the energy sector. Our consistent delivery of excellent services, solutions and value to our customers has impressed existing clients, who have continued to award us new business.

To be a leading provider of supply chain services both advisory and managed services, oil field services, outsourced technology and procurement services, proppant and concrete product and supplies that deliver sustainable and continuous improvements to our customers.

As a nationally certified MBE company, The Tagos Group understands the value of diversity. We are committed to recruiting and hiring a diverse team of professionals. The importance and value of diversity is not only inherent within our business but is also critical to many of the businesses we support. We are always fully engaged and accountable in providing valued services and solutions to our customers.